Reckoned for its white or off white color and different grain size, Rice is consumed as a staple food in India and in various Asian countries. Enriched with carbohydrate, this cereal grain boosts energy level and helps in normal function of brain. Its mineral, vitamin and organic content are instrumental in improving metabolic function of body. Free from fat and cholesterol, it is considered  as the suitable diet for those who want to shed extra body weight. What is more, its fiber content has a key role in prevention of different types of cancer. Low glycemic index level, capacity to normalize cardiovascular function and long storage life are the unique features of Rice.
Indian Dal we offer are fundamental piece of Indian cooking. These are very useful dal for wellbeing and are staple nourishment for Indian families. These are stacked with fiber, magnesium, protein, calcium, folate, B nutrients and others, which advance a decent health.They are regularly involved lentil and capacity as the fundamental piece of Indian cooking. They are help to wellbeing paying little mind to progress in years. Dal can be added with a few vegetables and are stacked with proteins. These can diminish cholesterol and are advantageous for the stomach related framework. We offer these in numerous assortments.
Frozen Foods
SEA VIEW AGRO offers a range of specialized packaging and printing solution for frozen foods. Packaging frozen foods is a challenge as it seeks to retain the product freshness, aroma and also the life of the product. SEA VIEW AGRO offers food packaging that protects the product from oxygen, is innovative and also provides excellent aesthetic appeal.
Great many clients across India are infatuated with our quality Indian ]Flour and solid administrations. Individuals are intrigued by the virtue of our reach as well as the best consistency. Notwithstanding them, what exceptionally draws in them is our reasonable evaluating structure. Flour is one of the contributions for which we are exceptionally reached. Since the time we have entered the business, our point has been guarantee finished consumer loyalty by continuously turning out industriously for them.

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